For over fifteen years, EventForce has been serving a wide spectrum of clients from across the nation.

With two-and-a-half million attendees served at over one thousand conferences, our clientele includes major software corporations, technology companies, transportation companies, and several of the most well-known and respected event management companies in America. We also staff the annual meetings and educational events of numerous medical, research, and scientific associations all over the U.S. and Canada.

Here’s a sample of what our clients say about EventForce:

EventForce is my only phone call when I need temp staffing. Their team of skilled professionals is a part of your team from the very start, staked in the event’s success as much as you are. They are consultative down to a science. These young adults will do absolutely anything you need help with, with intelligence, sense of duty, cheerfulness, and minimal oversight.
— Meg F, Senior Events Coordinator
Thank you for bringing the expertise of EventForce to our event! The level of professionalism you all consistently showed during the week was the most I’ve seen with any temporary personnel company.  The enthusiasm, customer service skills, tact, smiles and all-around pleasant demeanor you all displayed was admired and appreciated by so many.
— Ruth E, Certified Meeting Planner
The groups that were staffed were kind, smart, polite and overall wonderful to be around. Last year was my first year working with EventForce and I can honestly say I wouldn’t want any other group staffing my client’s events. Not only have myself but my colleagues and my client appreciated all of the hard work and energy these folks put into this event.
— Jenny D, Certified Meeting Planner
The teams did a great job. I would certainly hire your service again. I loved that they were young, energetic, not worried about rolling up their sleeves and moving boxes, etc. Some of the nicest young people I’ve worked with!
— Jennifer H, Managing Director
They were great! Good group and they represented you well.
— Charles M, Founder and CEO