EventForce began in the late nineties with a vision to revolutionize event staffing — to do work that provides exceptional results not only for the client but also the staff. 

Our measure of success is not only the execution of a flawless event, but also an empowered life.

We’re here to bring peace of mind and life to the event — to “power it up.” How? Through our focus on people, our dedication to service, our commitment to getting the job done right, and delivering the optimal event-outcome.

We see the potential and purpose of an event beyond itself; the power of an event to be a “defining moment in time” — inspiring and empowering people to go and make a difference in our world.


We empower people to have a lasting impact through service.



We empower people to empower the world.


> Communication

> Caring

> Collaboration

> Courage

> Competency